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Iranian music band named NAGHMEH SAZ has been organized for exalting Iranian fine music under supervision of composer Mohammad Mahdi Bateni with cooperation of some of his friends on 2006 and up to now he could publish his album named YEKIST with the voice of the singer SinaSarlak on 2009 which could attracted all those interested and it broadcasts in many of vocal and visualmedias up to now.

Also another album called (Bi Mennat-e- Mey), with composing and poems by Mohammad Mahdi Bateni and Sina Sarlak voice was published on 2012.

Visual Album of NaghmehSaz Band named Paykoubi is going to take last legal ground to be published and the new album named ChashmeJadoo is composing and producingfor the present.

NaghmehSaz Band has been succeeded for several performances like;

- Concert on 2008 in Honar cultural center(Arasbaran)
- Yekkist album concert in Vahdat Hall on 2009
- Participating in Fajr International Music festival (lateral part)
- Concert for paying respect to Farabi on 2009
- Concert in Arak and ChaharmahalBakhtiary cities on 2010
- Concert in Andisheh cultural center on 2011
-Live performance in three channels of Jame Jam at the moment of New Year on 2012
- Participating in International Beijing music festival in China “Big rivers civilization” on 2012
- Concert in Isfahan on 2013
- Concert in Niavaran palace on 2013
-Concert in terminating date of performance literatures first international festival on 2013